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About Us


At Learning in Motion we believe in creating a well rounded learning environment centered on helping each child reach their full potential while developing academically, emotionally and socially through outstanding curriculum, creative opportunities and daily movement.

We believe that each child is a light and we look forward to helping them shine bright in this world.

What makes us different? 

School Supply
Our incredible curriculum was created by our founding teachers and director with over 60 years of combined experience. We pride ourselves in having a set curriculum where students can excel and fully prepare for kindergarten and beyond.
Each week our classes will experience dance movement, tumbling and karate classes as well as intermixed singing and music lessons. These classes help encourage gross motor skills while also giving kids the ability to learn new things, get their wiggles out, and grow an appreciation for moving their bodies. 

Outstanding Curriculum

Music and Movement

Creative Class
Creativity and Curriculum go hand in hand at Learning in Motion. We feel strongly about kids being able to explore and grow a love for learning through creative and fun lesson plans, new and exciting projects, and so much more.
Mother and a Child
We believe parent involvement is key to the success of our students. We have many opportunities through-out the year for parents to watch programs the students have put together, participate in helping with class parties and field tripes, and even volunteer with prep work.


Parent Involvement

Health & Safety

We know it is extra important right now that we ensure the health and safety of all of our students. Because of this, we have put several extra precautions in place. 

Students will wash their hands upon arrival at the beginning of class each day. 

All classrooms will be sanitized often through out the day and students will sanitize hands between transitions and before snacks. 

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