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Art Class

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Learning in Motion

Preschool Academy

Play. Learn. Grow. 

3yr Old Class  

Our 3 yr old curriculum was created to ensure kids have the skills necessary to progress through the remainder of preschool in a fun and engaging way, while setting them up with the building blocks for the future.

4yr Old Class 

Our 4yr old curriculum is set up to ensure kids feel confident and fully prepared for kindergarten and beyond. We have set up tools and themes to keep the class excited to learn and ready for more.

Music and Movement 

We believe in creating a well rounded learning environment for each child. Because of this students will participate in dance movement class, karate class and tumbling class each week, as well as intermixed singing and music lessons. 

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Our Approach

At Learning in Motion we believe in creating a well rounded learning environment centered on helping each child reach their full potential while developing academically, emotionally and socially through outstanding curriculum, creative opportunities and movement.

What Parents Think

"The teachers and staff at Learning in Motion have helped my daughter progress so much! Not to mention she absolutely loves going and looks forward to it every day! 

Cozy's mom